Metal Contacts

Product Line image Description Details
MC187 MC187 Faston Contact 0.187" W x 0.717" L x 0.015" T Details
MC250 MC250 Faston Contact 0.250" W x 0.484" L x 0.020" T Details
MC187B MC187B Faston Connector (.187 Wide), with energy directors with .100" Details
MC250A MC250A Faston Contact 0.250" W x 1.05" L x 0.020" T Details
MC095/M MC095/M Snap Small 9V, male, .228" O.D. x .13" height Details
MC095/F MC095/F Snap Small 9V, female (8 petal), .207" I.D. x .157" height Details
MC095/E MC095/E Snap Small 9V eyelet, .096" O.D. x .077" I.D. x .156" long w/.150" flange, Nickel Plated brass Details
MC051 MC051 Charge Contact Retainer Ring, metric steel E-style, for 3mm shaft dia., fits 2.3mm groove dia. Details
MC045 MC045 Charge Contact Bushing for Charge Pin (Use with MC044 or MC044A, MC051 Retainer ring and SG001 Spring) Details
MC044A MC044A Charge Contact Pin, 0.626"L x 0.187" dia, Rev. D Details